Centru (development region)

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Regiunea Centru.svg
Coordinates: 45°40′N 25°37′E / 45.667°N 25.617°E / 45.667; 25.617Coordinates: 45°40′N 25°37′E / 45.667°N 25.617°E / 45.667; 25.617
Country Romania
Capital cityBraşov
 • Total34,100 km2 (13,200 sq mi)
 • Total2,306,540
 • Density68/km2 (180/sq mi)
Ethnic groups
 • Romanians65.4%
 • Hungarians29.9%
 • Roma4.0%
 • Germans0.6%
Time zoneUTC+2 (EET)
 • Summer (DST)UTC+3 (EEST)
NUTS codeRO12
GDP per capita (PPS)€ 11,200 (2008)[1]

Centru (Centre) is a development region in Romania.

Population[change | change source]

2,306,540 people live in Centru.[2] (2011 Census). Its population density is 67.6/km².

As of 2002, the region had the most different kinds of people living in it in Romania. Ethnic Romanians were 65.4% of the population. Hungarians were 29.9%. Roma were 4%. Most of the Hungarian people live in the counties of Harghita and Covasna. In those two counties they are the majority.

County population 2011
Alba 342,336
Brașov 530,404
Covasna 211,254
Harghita 304,765
Mureș 540,508
Sibiu 377,273
Total 2,306,540

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