Ceol of Wessex

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King of Wessex
Reign592 AD - 5 June 597 AD
Born557 AD
Winchester, Wessex
Died5 June 597 AD (aged 40)
Winchester, Wessex

Ceol was the King of Wessex from 592 AD to 597 AD. He was seen as one of Wessex's most powerful kings even though not as powerful as his younger brother Ceolwulf.

Birth[change | change source]

Ceol was born in 557 at Winchester, Wessex to Cutha. His mother's name is unknown.

Becoming King of Wessex[change | change source]

In 592, Ceol deposed his uncle Ceawlin, because of that, Ceawlin's son that is the heir & his cousin, Cuthwine got removed by Ceol & was replaced by Ceol's son Cynegils.

Death[change | change source]

In 597, Ceol died probably due to poisoning. Since his son who is the heir Cynegils was too young to rule, Ceol's younger brother Ceolwulf became king instead.

Family[change | change source]

Ceol was the grandson of Cynric, the nephew of Ceawlin & the son of Cutha. He was also the older brother of his successor, Ceolwulf & had a son that is Cynegils. His partners name is unknown.

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