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Ciudad Autónoma de Ceuta
Flag Coat of Arms
Locator map of Ceuta.png
 – Total
28 km²
 – Total (2003)
 – Density

Name of inhabitants
 – English
 – Spanish

Statute of Autonomy March 14, 1995
ISO 3166-2 ES-CE

 Congress seats
 Senate seats
President Juan Jesús Vivas Lara (PP)
Ciudad Autónoma de Ceuta

Ceuta is a Spanish city in North Africa, at the Strait of Gibraltar. The City area is about 20 square kilometers, and there are over 82,000 people living in the city. The city is surrounded by a border fence, which has been built to keep the Moroccans (and other Africans) from moving there unlawfully. Ceuta is part of Spain (and therefore the European Union). Until it became a self-governing city in 1994, it belonged to the Cadiz Province.

It was built by the Phoenicians at a strategic position.

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