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Cure building at Le Pâquier
coat of arms

Chêne-Pâquier is a municipality of the district of Jura-Nord Vaudois of the canton of Vaud in Switzerland.

The municipality consists of the hamlets of Le Chêne and Le Pâquier.

History[change | change source]

Chê ne-Pâquier is a place in Switzerland that has two old Villages: Chêne and Pâquier. People first wrote about them more than 500 years ago. They were part of another place that had a Castle, but the Castle is gone now. Chêne-Pâquier has a Church that was built in 1667 for people who are Protestants. It is one of the first Churches in Switzerland made for Protestants

Politics[change | change source]

Chêne-Pâquier is a place in Switzerland that has a government. The government has a leader called the mayor. The mayor is Guy-Cyrille Jaquier. The people in Chêne-Pâquier can vote for different parties. A party is a group of people who have similar ideas. In 2007, the most popular party was the SVP. The SVP is a party that wants less immigration and lower taxes. The next popular parties were the FDP, the SP and the Green Party. The FDP is a party that supports business and free trade. The SP is a party that wants more social justice and equality. The Green Party is a party that cares about the environment and human rights.