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Chained is a 2012 Canadian psychological horror movie. It is about a cab-driving serial killer who stalks his victims on the streets. This movie was originally marked NC-17 (no children 17 and under admitted) by the MPAA.[1] It was edited downwards to an R. It was released theatrically in some countries, direct-to-video in the United States.[2]

The movie was first shown at Fantasia International Film Festival.[3]

Cast[change | change source]

Additionally, Troy Skog and Shannon Jardine play Bob's parents and Alexander Doerksen plays Colin. Amy Matysio appears as Mary, one of Bob's victims. Director Jennifer Lynch has a cameo as a cooking show host on TV.

Critical reception[change | change source]

Peter Bradshaw from The Guardian and Tim Robey from The Daily Telegraph both rated the movie 1/5 stars.[4] The earlier called it "a fantastically crass and fatuous-in other words, silly and pointless-serial killer movie." The latter thought that Chained was "a lurid disgrace."

On the opposite end, Lauren Taylor from Bloody Disgusting rated the movie 4/5 stars. Taylor wrote: "Chained takes a typical tale of an abused child and makes something that is Oscar worthy."[5] Rotten Tomatoes has the movie rated near 72% approval.[6]

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