Chandragupta II

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Chandragupta II, also known as Chandragupta Vikramaditya, was a Raja Gupta of the Magadha kingdom (reigned 380-415 CE ).He was the son of Samudragupta and Datta Devi.

Upon the death of their father, king Samudragupta in the year 375, it seems that his eldest son ,Ram Gupta ,succeeded him. Chandragupta II ascended the throne later in 380 . He was a great conqueror and a diplomat. He married his daughter, Prabhavati Gupta to the king Rudrasena II (reigned 385-390 ), whose untimely death allowed Gupta to strengthen their grip on the Deccan region.

With its alliance with Vakataka, he destroyed the Saka kingdoms (Scythian) of Malwa, Gujarat and Kâthiâwar in 388, and transferred his capital from Patna to Ujjain (Ujjayini). The annexation of the western provinces Gupta gave control over trade with Europe and Egypt. Wearing Barkachha (Greek Barygaza), at the mouth of Narmada, also fell to Gupta.

Chandragupta brought the empire to its territorial and cultural peak. He surrounded himself with a circle of poets of Sanskrit phrase nicknamed the "nine gems" or "Navaratna" , the most famous of whom was Kalidasa.These are the nine gems:

  • Amarasimha
  • Dhanvantri
  • Harisena
  • Kalidasa
  • Kahapanaka
  • Sanku
  • Varahamihira
  • Vararuchi
  • Vetala Bhatta

He was succeeded by his son Kumaragupta I in 415 CE.In his reign,the number shoonya (zero) was invented by Aryabhatta.