Chang Myun

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Chang Myun
John Myun Chang 1951.png
Chang Myun (1951)
4th VicePresident of South Korea
In office
May 15, 1956 – April 23, 1960
President Rhee Syng-man
Preceded by Ham Tae-young
Succeeded by Lee Ki-bung
Personal details
Born August 28 1899
Incheon Kroean Imperium
Died June 4 1966
Seoul,South Korea
Spouse(s) Kim Yun-ok
In this Korean name, the family name is Chang.

Chang Myun(Korean:장면, August 28 1899 - June 4 1966) was Korean 2nd, 7rd Prime Ministers of South Korea, 4rd Vice President of South Korea. His nickname was Unsuk (Korean:운석, hanja:雲石).

He was a special ambassador to the Vatican 1948. In 1949, United States Ambassador to South Korea, May 1950 2nd Prime Minister of South Korea. 1956 to 1960 4th Vice President of South Korea. 7rd Prime Minister in August 1960. On 16 May 1961, he was kicked out, By Park Chung hee's coup d'état.

Life[change | change source]

Chang Myon was born in Incheon in 1899. He was born to a Catholic family. After graduating high school, he was Studied depart in the United States. After returnin, he was Korea under Japanese ruled worked as an educator. Dongseong High School teachers, Principal. Geseong Elementary School Principal.

August 15 1945 Independence, he wmoved into politics. October 1948 was sent to UN, to represent of South Korea, after, December 1948 Special Ambassador to the Vatican, Ambassador to the American. Prime Ministers of South Korea in November 23 1950 to April 23 1952.

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