Charles III, Duke of Bourbon

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19th century image of Charles.

Charles III, Duke of Bourbon (February 17, 1490 – May 6, 1527) was a French prince from the House of Bourbon.[1]

Life[change | change source]

Charles was the second son of Gilbert, Duke of Montpensier and his wife Clara Gonzaga.[1] In 1505, he married Suzanne, the daughter of Peter II, Duke of Bourbon.[1] By the age of 15, he became the richest noble in Europe.[1] Charles fought at the Battle of Marignano in 1515 and King Francis I took away Charles's lands after the death of Charles's wife Suzanne in 1521 because Charles did not want to marry Francis's mother Louise of Savoy.[1] This made Charles very angry at King Francis and caused Charles to seek an alliance with the Holy Roman Emperor and also with King Henry VIII of England.[1] In 1527, Charles's army participated in the Sack of Rome, where Charles himself was killed.[1]

References[change | change source]

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