Charles River

Coordinates: 42°22′14″N 71°3′13″W / 42.37056°N 71.05361°W / 42.37056; -71.05361
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Charles River
The Longfellow Bridge crossing over the Charles River, connecting Boston and Cambridge, in winter
Charles, Mystic, and Neponset river watersheds
CountryUnited States
CitiesHopkinton, Cambridge, Boston
Physical characteristics
SourceEcho Lake
 - locationHopkinton, Massachusetts, United States
 - coordinates42°11′34″N 71°30′43″W / 42.19278°N 71.51194°W / 42.19278; -71.51194
 - elevation350 ft (110 m)
MouthBoston Harbor
 - locationBoston, Massachusetts, United States
 - coordinates42°22′14″N 71°3′13″W / 42.37056°N 71.05361°W / 42.37056; -71.05361
 - elevation0 ft (0 m)
Length80 mi (130 km)
Basin size308 sq mi (800 km2)
 - average302 cu ft/s (8.6 m3/s)
 - minimum0.1 cu ft/s (0.0028 m3/s)
 - maximum4,150 cu ft/s (118 m3/s)

The Charles River is a river that runs between Boston and Cambridge in Massachusetts. It is 80 miles long and starts at Hopkinton, Massachusetts and ends at the Atlantic Ocean after feeding through the Boston Harbour.