Charlie McMahon

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Charlie McMahon
Charlie on track july 2007.jpg
McMahon at Pine Creek, Australia in July 2007
Background information
Blue Mountains, New South Wales, Australia
Associated actsGondwanaland
Midnight Oil

Charlie McMahon (born in the Blue Mountains, New South Wales in 1951) is an Australian didgeridoo player. He was one of the first non-Aboriginal musicians to become a famous player of the instrument. He is probably one of the most famous players of the instrument around the world.[1]

The band in which he became famous was called Gondwanaland. He has toured across Australia, often visiting remote communities in the outback, and also in Europe and the United States. He often played gigs with Midnight Oil. McMahon's style became an influence for many well-known didgeridoo players. He is also the inventor of the "didjeribone", a sliding didgeridoo made of plastic, played in a similar way to the trombone.

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