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Carlos César Sánchez Hernández (November 6, 1961 – May 28, 2020), known professionally as Charlie Monttana, was a Mexican rock urbano musician and singer-songwriter.[1][2] He was born in Mexico City.

Sánchez began his career as a singer in Mexico City's rock urbano scene in the 1980s. After that invited by Rodolfo León "León Vago" he joined Vago. In 1987 he was invited by musician Toshiro Midori to be the vocalist of Mara. In 1989 he separated from Mara.

In 1992 Monttana launched his solo career releasing hits such as "Vaquero Rocanrolero" (Rock And Roll Cowboy), "Por Qué El Amor Apesta" ("Why Love Stinks") and "Mi Terrible Soledad" ("My Terrible Loneliness"), among others. He was also a philanthropist.[3]

Monttana died of a heart attack caused by a heatstroke on May 28, 2020 at the age of 58.[4]

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