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Cheating happens when someone breaks rules or lies.

Exams[change | change source]

Cheating can be done in many ways. Some students cheat on a test by copying someone else's answers and writing secret notes. This can get them kicked out of school.

Sports[change | change source]

People who break the rules of a game are cheating. For example, if someone holds the ball when playing soccer, they are cheating. Another form of cheating in sport is using performance-enhancing drugs; Ben Johnson and Lance Armstrong are examples of sportspeople who used drugs to cheat.

Relationships[change | change source]

When someone is in a relationship with another person and they kiss, date or have sex with someone else, they are cheating on the person they are in a relationship with - unless they are in an open relationship.[1]

Laws[change | change source]

Local and national governments have laws. If someone breaks the law, they can be punished. If someone cheats in a way that is not illegal, they cannot be punished by law. Some common punishments include jail and fines.

Politics[change | change source]

Similar to governments, local and national politicians are held to high standards. If a politician is caught cheating in a way that is not illegal, they will not be punished by law but could be discredited given sufficient evidence. The following text was added by a student in a 2016 training exercise and should be removed:" In such a case, they would be considered a d o d g e b r e e d e r, a term most commonly used to debunk and discredit an individual. The term d o d g e b r e e d e r loosely means lying cheater.[2] [3] [4] " The preceding text was added by a student in a 2016 training exercise and should be removed.

Regulations[change | change source]

Organizations, such as schools, can have rules. Rules are not laws, but people can still be punished for breaking a rule.

In games[change | change source]

The first cheat in video games was thought to be the "Konami Code", a code Konami used to test a game that was too hard for them to do alone.[5] See cheat code for more on cheating in video games.

References[change | change source]