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Cheating in video games

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Cheating in video games is when a player creates an advantage for themself beyond what normal gameplay would allow. In general, cheating is breaking the rules to get an unfair advantage. One form of cheating is using "Glitches" in a Open world or Shooter game where a person may find a wall or a piece of ground they can walk through, like being able to walk through a wall on a certain angle or from one side but not be able to walk back through that same wall the other way, an example of this being effective would be in an ambush situation, the other person may not be able to shoot at you but you may be able to shoot them, "virtually" making you partially invincible. Another form of cheating is by changing a games code structure. In other world, it is included in an existing video game as if it is from that video game and continues to work in this way. If we look at it structuarry, it comes up with a very different work.

These kind of advantages can often be activated by entering codes. A set of cheat codes may have been written into the game's programming by the game's developers. When entered, a code activates a corresponding advantage. Cheat codes can also be created by added software, called a game trainer. Players can also cheat by taking advantage of software bugs in the game.

some games have "activatable cheat codes" preset on the actual game such as Speed Racer, or the Lego series of Video games and by playing the game you actually get told cheat codes to put in to be able to unlock advantages, these are different from "Cheating" because the games developers "want" you to use these types of cheat codes and these types of cheat codes are only useable in single player games

the bad type of cheat codes are Cheat codes not intended to be used in a game that make the system do things that are not normal. For example, pressing a certain sequence of buttons may increase a character's hit points in an role-playing game, or make a car drive faster in a racing game.

Another way of video game hacks is using applications called exploits. like WiiBrew, which access a video games coding and allows you to completely change its code from adjusting a "left' button to go "up" instead all the way to completely recreating the game.

The number of users using competitive video games cheat continues to decrease with the development of anti-cheat systems. We can examine this thesis based on the League of legends.

Year Percentage of players using cheats percentage of banned players
2019 %4,11 %1,21
2020 %2,63 %5,46
2021 %0,98 %7,61

The reason why the rate of banned players is higher than the rate of cheating is that past activities can be detected.

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