Cheating in video games

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Cheating in video games is when a player creates an advantage for themself beyond what normal gameplay would allow. In general, cheating is breaking the rules to get an unfair advantage. In video games, a player usually cheats to make the game easier.

These kind of advantages can often be activated by entering codes. A set of cheat codes may have been written into the game's programming by the game's developers. When entered, a code activates a corresponding advantage. Cheat codes can also be created by added software, called a game trainer. Players can also cheat by taking advantage of software bugs in the game.

Cheat codes makes the system do things that are not normal. For example, pressing a certain sequence of buttons may increase a character's hit points in an role-playing game, or make a car drive faster in a racing game.

Another way of cheating is using applications called exploits. It usually involves injecting DLLs in the game application for access to advantages.

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