Cheshire, Connecticut, home invasion murders

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Cheshire, Connecticut, home invasion murders
Cheshire CT lg.PNG
The location of Cheshire within Connecticut
LocationCheshire, Connecticut
DateJuly 23, 2007
TargetPetit family
Attack type
Home invasion, arson, murder
WeaponsBaseball bat, gun, gasoline
Non-fatal injuries
PerpetratorsSteven Hayes
Joshua Komisarjevsky

The Cheshire, Connecticut, home invasion murders were on July 23, 2007. A mother and her two daughters were murdered during a home invasion in Cheshire, Connecticut.[1] The Hartford Courant called the case "possibly the most widely publicized crime in the state's history".[2] In 2010, Steven Hayes was convicted of the murders and sentenced to death. His accomplice, Joshua Komisarjevsky, was found guilty on October 13, 2011, and sentenced to death on January 27, 2012.[3]

Victims[change | change source]

  • Jennifer Hawke-Petit, age 48, was a nurse and co-director of the health center at Cheshire Academy, a private boarding school. She met her husband, William Petit, in 1985 at Children's Hospital when he was a third-year medical student at the University of Pittsburgh and she was a new nurse.[4]
  • Hayley Petit, age 17, had just graduated from Miss Porter's School and was scheduled to attend Dartmouth College.[5]
  • Michaela Petit, age 11, attended the Chase Collegiate School before her death.[6]
  • William Petit, the only survivor of the home invasion, is an endocrinologist in Cheshire. He survived when he escaped to a neighbor's house, even though he had injuries.[7][8] He has not returned to his medical practice since the murders, stating his desire to be active in the foundations set up to honor the memory of his deceased family.[9]

Perpetrators[change | change source]

Steven J. Hayes
Born (1963-05-30) May 30, 1963 (age 58)
Criminal statusConvicted on 16 counts; sentenced to death on six counts of capital felony
ChildrenA son and a daughter
Conviction(s)Capital felony, murder, sexual assault
Criminal penaltySix consecutive death sentences plus 106 years
Joshua A. Komisarjevsky
Born (1980-08-10) August 10, 1980 (age 40)
Criminal statusConvicted of 17 out of 17 charges, including 6 Capital Felonies.
Conviction(s)Capital felony, sexual assault, murder, kidnapping, and arson.
Criminal penaltyDeath sentence

Steven J. Hayes (born May 30, 1963, in Homestead, Florida)[8] was found guilty on 16 out of 17 counts related to the home invasion murders on October 5, 2010.[10] On November 8, 2010, the jury returned with a recommendation for Hayes to be killed by the State.[11] He was formally sentenced to death by Superior Court Judge Jon C. Blue on December 2, 2010.[12]

Hayes is an inmate of the Connecticut Department of Correction. His criminal history shows him sentenced for his first offense at the age of 16.[8] He is housed in the Northern Correctional Institution[13] in Somers.

Joshua A. Komisarjevsky (born August 10, 1980) was Hayes' accomplice in the home invasion and murder of William Petit's wife and two daughters. He was born in 1980 and adopted[14] by the son of playwright Theodore Komisarjevsky. Komisarjevsky was kept at the Walker Reception Center[15] rather than pay a $15 million bond.[16] His trial began September 19, 2011, and on October 13, 2011, he was convicted on all 17 counts.[17] On December 9, 2011, the jury recommended the death penalty.[18] On January 27, 2012 Judge Jon Blue sentenced Komisarjevsky to death by lethal injection.[3]

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