Chess symbols in Unicode

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The software GNU Chess uses chess characters from Unicode. It shows the characters on a board.

Unicode has characters of chess symbols. This means that chess symbols can be encoded as text instead of images. Algebraic notation (text that shows where to move a chess piece) can be typed using the symbol of the piece. For example, ♘c6 instead of Nc6.

Symbols[change | change source]

The symbols in this table are from the Unicode block named Miscellaneous Symbols. Other chess symbols are in the Chess Symbols block.[1]

Chess symbols[2]
Character Name Code
White chess king U+2654
White chess queen U+2655
White chess rook U+2656
White chess bishop U+2657
White chess knight U+2658
White chess pawn U+2659
Black chess king U+265A
Black chess queen U+265B
Black chess rook U+265C
Black chess bishop U+265D
Black chess knight U+265E
♟︎ Black chess pawn U+265F

References[change | change source]

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