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Geo was a brand of economy cars sold by Chevrolet dealerships. Geo was founded in 1989 to compete with Japanese automotives. Prior to 1989 General Motors had starting sell captive imports under Chevrolet and Pontiac. Chevrolet's partners included Toyota, Suzuki and Isuzu. Chevrolet's revived Nova (the Corolla Sprinter) led to Chevrolet Sprint (Suzuki Cultus) and the Spectrum (Isuzu Gemini). All three cars were rebranded as Geo in 1989. Geo was cancelled in 1997 and merged into the Chevrolet brand. The Geo models were the Metro, Prizm, Storm, Tracker, and Spectrum. The Prizm was made at New United Motor Manufacturing, Inc. which was jointly owned by Toyota and General Motors. While the Metro and Tracker were made at CAMI Automotive a joint venture between GM and Suzuki, and the Storm and Spectrum were made entirely in Japan by Isuzu. In 1998, all Geos were renamed as Chevrolet cars.