Chico Buarque

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Chico Buarque

Francisco Buarque de Hollanda, better known as Chico Buarque ( Rio de Janeiro, June 19, 1944 ), is a Brazilian musician, playwright, writer and actor. He is known for being one of the biggest names in Brazilian populare music (MPB). His discography has eighty albums.[1]

While being a musician, he developed over the years a literary career, being the author of plays and novels. He won three Jabuti Awards : best novel in 1992 with Estorvo and book of the year, both for the book Budapest, released in 2004, and for Leite Derramado, in 2010. In 2019, he was distinguished with the Camões Prize, the main literary trophy in the Portuguese language, for his body of work.[2]

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