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Chief of Government of Buenos Aires

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The Government Headquarters of the City of Buenos Aires is the form of government adopted by the Executive Power of the Autonomous City of Buenos Aires since 1996, after the declaration of autonomy of this city, capital of the Argentine Republic.

Chief of Government of Buenos Aires
Spanish: Jefe de Gobierno de la Ciudad de Buenos Aires
Coat of arms of Buenos Aires
Mayor of Buenos Aires
Jorge Macri

since 7 December 2023
StyleNo courtesy, title or style
ResidenceBuenos Aires City Hall
AppointerCitizens of Buenos Aires
Term length4 years (renewable)
Inaugural holderTorcuato de Alvear (mayor)
Fernando de la Rúa (chief)
Formation10 May 1883 (mayor)
6 August 1996 (chief)

This form of government is exercised by a Head of Government elected by popular vote, whose duration in office is four years and with the possibility of consecutive re-election for a single period. Along with the Head of Government there is also the figure of the Deputy Head of Government, who is also elected by popular vote with the same periods as the Head of Government and whose function is to temporarily assume command of the Executive Power in case of absence, or definitively in case of acephaly.

The figure of the Head of Government of the City of Buenos Aires replaced the previous figure of the Mayor of the City of Buenos Aires, who was appointed by the President in office, with the agreement of the Senate of Argentina.

Before 1996, the position of Chief of Government was known as Mayor of Buenos Aires. Back then, you were appointed mayor not elected. After a 1994 referendum, the title changed to Chief of Government and it became an elected position.

Chiefs of government (1996–present)[change | change source]

# Portrait Name
Term of office Political party
Deputy Chief (s)
1 Fernando de la Rúa
6 August 1996 10 December 1999 Radical Civic Union
Enrique Olivera
2 Enrique Olivera
10 December 1999 5 August 2000 Radical Civic Union
3 Aníbal Ibarra
(born 1958)
6 August 2000 7 March 2006 Broad Front
Cecilia Felgueras
Jorge Telerman
4 Jorge Telerman
(born 1956)
7 March 2006 10 December 2007 Justicialist Party
5 Mauricio Macri
(born 1959)
10 December 2007 10 December 2015 Republican Proposal
Gabriela Michetti
María Eugenia Vidal
6 Horacio Rodríguez Larreta
(born 1965)
10 December 2015 Incumbent Republican Proposal
(Juntos por el Cambio)
Diego Santilli
(until 2021)
(since 2021)

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