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Other namesLabour and delivery, labor and delivery, partus, giving birth, parturition, birth, confinement[1][2]
Newborn baby and mother
SpecialtyObstetrics, midwifery
ComplicationsObstructed labour, postpartum bleeding, eclampsia, postpartum infection, birth asphyxia, neonatal hypothermia[3]
TypesVaginal delivery, C-section[4]
PreventionBirth control, abortion
Frequency135 million (2015)[5]
Deaths500,000 maternal deaths a year

Childbirth, also known as labour and delivery, is the ending of pregnancy where one or more babies leaves the uterus by passing through the vagina or by Caesarean section.[4] In 2015, there were about 135 million births globally.[5]

About 15 million were born before 37 weeks of gestation,[6] while between 3 and 12 percent were born after 42 weeks.[7]

Birth rate is important in determining the population growth rate.

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