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Childcare benefits scandal

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The childcare benefits scandal (Dutch: kinderopvangtoeslagaffaire or toeslagenaffaire, lit.'[childcare] allowances affair') is a political scandal in the Netherlands about false accusations of fraud made by the Tax and Customs Administration. Between 2013 and at least 2019, about 26,000 parents in the Netherlands were wrongfully suspected of making fraud claims to childcare benefit and were required to pay back large amounts of money.[1]

The scandal was brought to the public's attention in September 2018.[2] In 2019, the Dutch State Secretary for Finance Menno Snel resigned over his mishandling of the affair.[3]

In January 2021, Minister of Economic Affairs and Climate Eric Wiebes stepped down, for his former role as State Secretary for Finance.[3] The same day, two months before the 2021 Dutch general election, the prime minister Mark Rutte and his cabinet resigned after a parliamentary investigation released a report on the affair.[3][4]

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