Chilean Navy

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Chilean Navy
''Armada de Chile''
Coat of arms of the Chilean Navy
Country Chile
Size25,000 personnel
71 vessels
8 frigates
4 submarines
4 amphibious warfare ship
7 fast attack craft
8 patrol boat
39 auxiliary ship
Motto(s)Vencer o Morir
("Conquer or Die")
Anniversaries21 May, Día de las Glorias Navales (Navy Day)
EngagementsChilean War of Independence (1810–1826)
Peruvian War of Independence (1811–1824)
War of the Confederation (1836–1839)
Chincha Islands War (1864–1866)
War of the Pacific (1879–1883)
Chilean Civil War (1891)
Edmundo González Robles
Lord Thomas Cochrane
Manuel Blanco Encalada
Juan José Latorre
Arturo Prat
Jorge Montt
Juan Williams Rebolledo
Naval Ensign[1]Ensign of Chile
Naval JackJack of Chile
Roundel of Naval AviationJack of Chile

The Chilean Navy is the naval section of the Chilean Armed Forces.

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  1. Chile uses its national flag as an ensign.

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