Chiloé Archipelago

Coordinates: 42°36′00″S 73°57′00″W / 42.60000°S 73.95000°W / -42.60000; -73.95000
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View of Chiloé Island and Archipelago.

Chiloé Archipelago is an archipelago located in Los Lagos Region, in southern Chile. The main island is Chiloé Island (Isla Grande de Chiloé).

Additionally, in the archipelago are located 10 administrative communes related with the Los Lagos Region: Ancud, Castro, Chonchi, Curaco de Vélez, Dalcahue, Puqueldón, Queilén, Quellón, Quemchi and Quinchao.[1]

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42°36′00″S 73°57′00″W / 42.60000°S 73.95000°W / -42.60000; -73.95000