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China at the
NOCChinese Olympic Committee (in Chinese)
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 Republic of China (1924–1972)
 Chinese Taipei (1984–present)

The People's Republic of China (PRC) was first at the 1952 Summer Olympics.[1] That year, the International Olympic Committee (IOC) let both the PRC and the Republic of China (which recently moved to Taiwan after the Chinese Civil War) compete. The Republic of China withdrew in protest.[1] Because of the political status of China, the PRC was not in the Olympics again until 1980.[1]

The Chinese Olympic Committee was formed in 1910 and recognized in 1979.[2] Before the Chinese Civil War, athletes competed as the Republic of China (ROC) at the Olympics. In 1979, the International Olympic Committee passed a resolution for the ROC team to be called Chinese Taipei, and this opened the door for the PRC to finally join the Olympic movement.

Hong Kong has had a distinct National Olympic Committee since 1950 and has been at the Games since 1952.[3] After the territory returned to the PRC this has continued, with Hong Kong separate from the rest of the nation under the name Hong Kong, China.[3]

The People's Republic of China hosted the Games one time: the 2008 Summer Olympics in Beijing.

Milestones[change | change source]

Summer Games[change | change source]

As of 2012, China has a total of 473 medals in the Summer Games.

Winter Games[change | change source]

As of 2012, China has a total of 44 medals in the Winter Games.

Flagbearer[change | change source]

Summer Games[change | change source]

Games Athlete Sport
1984 Los Angeles Wang Libin Basketball
1988 Seoul Song Tao Basketball
1992 Barcelona Song Ligang Basketball
1996 Atlanta Liu Yudong Basketball
2000 Sydney Liu Yudong Basketball
2004 Athens Yao Ming Basketball
2008 Beijing Yao Ming Basketball

Winter Games[change | change source]

Games Athlete Sport
1980 Lake Placid Zhao Weichang Speed skating
1984 Sarajevo Zhao Jian Speed skating
1988 Calgary Zhang Shubin Figure skating
1992 Albertville Song Chen Speed skating
1994 Lillehammer Liu Yanfei Speed skating
1998 Nagano Zhao Hongbo Figure skating
2002 Salt Lake City Zhang Min Figure skating
2006 Turin Yang Yang (A) Short track
2010 Vancouver Han Xiaopeng Freestyle skiing

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