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Type of site Internet encyclopedia project
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Created by Chinese wiki community
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The Chinese Wikipedia (In Chinese: 中文維基百科/中文维基百科) is the Chinese-language edition of Wikipedia. This edition was started in October 24, 2002. The Chinese Wikipedia can show the same article in many different scripts, in both Simplified and Traditional script.

It is the 15th largest edition by article count.[1]

As of June 18, 2012, it had 700,372 articles.[2]

Basic Information[change | change source]

Name origin[change | change source]

In English language, "Wikipedia" is a portmanteau word that made by "Wiki" (A technology that allowed many people work together) and "encyclopedia". In first, "wikipedia" don't have Chinese name, site called "Zhongwen Wikipedia" (中文Wikipedia, Chinese Wikipedia) simply. As of October 21, 2003, Wikipedia's Chinese name "Weiji Baike" (维基百科/維基百科, meaning Weiji Encyclopedia) was decided by Chinese wiki community (by 13 people voted). While pronounced of "Weiji" is likely "Wiki", "Wei" (/維) meaning rope what can link things, or meaning Net what can see as Internet; "Ji" () meaning basic of anything, or base of building. So "Weiji Baike" meaning "the encyclopedia in Internet that cover human's all basic knowledge".

Autoconfirmation[change | change source]

Unlike usual Wikipedias, users who registers an account on the Chinese Wikipedia needs to make at least 50 edits and have an account for more than 7 days before being autoconfirmed, which allows the user to edit semi-protected pages.[3]

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