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Chinese poker

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Chinese Poker is a poker variant that came from Asia. It is also called Russian Poker. It is usually played with two to four players; each player is dealt 13 cards, and then needs to create 3 poker hands from his cards.

  • The first hand has 3 cards.
  • The second hand has 5 cards.
  • The third hand has 5 cards as well.

The third hand must be the best hand (by the standard poker rankings). The third had must be better than the second hand. The second hand must be better than the first hand (the one with the 3 cards in it).

The dealer plays against the other 1 to 3 players, pays the winners, and collects money from the losing players.

If a player has all 13 different cards from Ace, 2,3 etc to king

(from different or same suit) He automatically wins.

If a player has 6 pairs and one single card, he he also wins.

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