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Maharaja Chitragupta or Dharmaraja
Mantraॐ श्री चित्रगुप्ताय नमः
(Oṃ shri chitraguptaay Namaḥ)
Weaponlekhani (Pen),
Katani (Ink) and Katar (sword)
Personal information
ConsortNandini and Shobhawati
ParentsBrahma (father) Saraswati (mother)
SiblingsFour Kumaras, Narada, Daksha

Chitragupta (Sanskrit: चित्रगुप्त) is a Hindu god whose task is to keep the record of all the human beings on earth. It is said that they are later punished or rewarded based on their Karmas. Upon death he is said to decide heaven or hell based on their works on earth.