Choe Yong-rim

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Choe Yong-rim
11th Premier of North Korea
In office
7 June 2010 – 1 April 2013
LeaderKim Jong-il
Kim Jong-un
Preceded byKim Yong-il
Succeeded byPak Pong-ju
Personal details
Born (1930-11-20) 20 November 1930 (age 92)[1]
Ryanggang, Japanese Korea Japanese Empire
(now North Korea)[2][a]
Political partyWorkers' Party of Korea
Alma materKim Il-sung University
Moscow State University

Choe Yong-rim (KCNA: Choe Yong Rim, Korean: 최영림, born 20 November 1930) was the Premier (naegak ch’ongri, 내각 총리) of the Democratic People's Republic of Korea (commonly known as North Korea) from June 2010 to April 2013[3] and Workers' Party of Korea central committee presidium member since September 2010.[4]

Choe has been described by The New York Times as a "KWP insider" and a "friend of Kim Jong-Il's family."[5] He is honorary vice-president of the Presidium of the Supreme People's Assembly, the country's parliament.

Notes[change | change source]

  1. The source used only gives the province “Ryanggang” as Choe's place of birth and does not specify the kun. At the time of Choe's birth, Korea was ruled by Japan (see Korea under Japanese rule) and Ryanggang did not yet exist; it was only formed in 1954 out of 9 kun taken from South Hamgyŏng (Korean: Hamgyŏng namdo; Japanese: Kankyō nandō), 1 kun taken from North Hamgyŏng (H. pukto / K. hokudō) and 1 kun from Chagang, which was itself formed out of mainly North P’yŏngan (P’yŏngan pukto / Heian hokudō) and a bit of South Hamgyŏng territory.

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