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Chumphon province

Coordinates: 10°29′34″N 99°10′45″E / 10.49278°N 99.17917°E / 10.49278; 99.17917
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Typhoon damage in Chumphon province
Typhoon damage in Chumphon province
Official seal of Chumphon
Map of Thailand highlighting Chumphon Province
Map of Thailand highlighting Chumphon Province
Coordinates: 10°29′34″N 99°10′45″E / 10.49278°N 99.17917°E / 10.49278; 99.17917
Country Thailand
 • GovernorKaran Supphakitwilekhakan (since 2008)
 • Total6,009.0 km2 (2,320.1 sq mi)
 • RankRanked 38th
 • Total498,294[1]
 • RankRanked 57th
 • Density74/km2 (190/sq mi)
  • RankRanked 59th
Time zoneUTC+7 (ICT)
ISO 3166 codeTH-86

Chumphon (Thai: ชุมพร) is one of the southern provinces of Thailand.[2]


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Chumphon is located on the narrow landbridge between the Malay Peninsula and the mainland of Thailand. The north has mountains and the east has flat land on the coast of the Gulf of Thailand. It has a 222 kilometre-long coastline and 44 islands.[3]

The southern part of the province was originally a separate province named Lang Suan. It was incorporated into Chumphon in 1932.[4]

In November 1989, typhoon Gay hit the province hard. 529 people were killed, 160,000 became homeless, 7,130 km2 (2,753 sq mi) of farm land was destroyed. Gay is the only tropical storm on record which reached Thailand with typhoon wind strength.

Today, Chumphon Province is a destination center for massive human trafficking from nearby Burma (Myanmar).[5][6]


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It is believed that name comes from a local tree called the Maduea Chumphon (มะเดื่อชุมพร ). The tree is abundant in the province.

The coffee-growing valley of Ban Panwal in Tha Sae District includes 178,283 rai of robusta coffee plantations. It produces more than 24 million tonnes a year. Chumphon Province contributes 60 percent of Thailand's total coffee production. Local brands include Thamsing, ST Chumphon and Khao Tha-Lu Chumporn.[3]

In 2015, the region had 1.86 million tourists. These tourists spent 7.55 billion baht. Average hotel occupancy rose to 65 percent from 53 percent in 2014.[3]

Transport Air Chumphon Airport is 30 km north of Chumphon city. It has direct daily flights to Bangkok's Don Mueang Airport (DMK). Flights from Bangkok are around 60 minutes.

Nok Air operates two daily flights between Bangkok (Don Mueang, DMK) and Chumphon Airport (CJM).[7] i.

Tham Thip Prida (ถ้ำทิพย์ปรีดา) A rocky mountain with about 40 caves, some which contain pools.

Khao Chao Mueang (เขาเจ้าเมือง) The district's highest observation point. Tourists can take offering panoramic views of the coast and far out into the Chumphon Archipelago.

Khao Phang Forest Park (วนอุทยานเขาพาง) Within the national park, there is a great variety of tropical vegetation.

Watershed forest mountain (สัมผัสยอดเขา) Hiking trail to the top of mountain with views of both the Andaman Sea and the Gulf of Thailand

Somdech Phra Srinagarindra Park (สวนสมเด็จพระศรีนครินทร์ฯ ) The park consists of a hill and rivers.

Namtok Thap Chang (น้ำตกทับช้าง) A waterfall in Khlong Phrao National Park.

Wat Chao Fa Sala Loi (วัดเจ้าฟ้าศาลาลอย) This old Buddhist temple is particularly important to the people of Chumphon, who revere a monk named Luang Pu Song. .[8]

Wat Tha Kwan Mueang (วัดท่าควนเมือง) A temple on top of a limestone hill

Wat Phra Thart Sawi (วัดพระธาตุสวี) A temple next to Sawi River stands a shrine

Chumphon National Museum (พิพิธภัณฑสถานแห่งชาติชุมพร) the museum provides an summary of the province.[9]

Namtok Heo Lom (น้ำตกเหวโหลม) Waterfalls.

Por Ta Chongdong Summit (ยอดเขาพ่อตาโชงโดง) about 1,000 meters high.

Por Ta Mangkre Summit (ยอดเขาพ่อตามังเคร)

Khao Thung-Klong Pi waterfall (เขาทุ่ง-น้ำตกคลองปิ) Khlong Pi waterfall.


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Phato Rafting (งานเทศกาลล่องแพพะโต๊ะ)Held during February to April. There is a mini-marathon.

Lang Suan's Fruit Fair (งานวันผลไม้เมืองหลังสวน) This fair is organized annually around August. The fruit market here exhibits a variety of fruits and there is a fruits contest.

Traditional Boats Procession and Boat Race (งานประเพณีแห่พระแข่งเรือ) - a race on boats since 1844.


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