Chuquisaca Department

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Department of Chuquisaca
Laguna de Culpina
Laguna de Culpina
Flag of Department of Chuquisaca
Coat of arms of Department of Chuquisaca
Coat of arms
Location within Bolivia
Location within Bolivia
Country Bolivia
 • Total51,524 km2 (19,894 sq mi)
 • Total581,347
 • Density11/km2 (29/sq mi)
Time zoneUTC-4 (BOT)
ISO 3166-2BO-H

Chuquisaca is a department in Bolivia.[1] The capital city is Sucre, which is also the capital of Bolivia.

El Palmar Integrated Management Natural Area is in the department.

Provinces[change | change source]

The department is divided into 10 provinces which are further subdivided into municipalities and cantons.

Name Population
(2012 census)
Area km² Capital
Mapa chuqisaca.png
Oropeza 286,140 3.943 Sucre
Azurduy 23,872 4,185 Azurduy
Zudáñez 39,992 3,738 Presto
Tomina 35,192 3,947 Padilla
Hernando Siles 32,398 5,473 Monteagudo
Yamparáez 26,577 1,472 Tarabuco
Nor Cinti 76,477 7,983 Camargo
Sud Cinti 25,207 5,484 Villa Abecia
Belisario Boeto 11,159 2,000 Villa Serrano
Luis Calvo 19,139 13,299 Villa Vaca Guzmán (Muyupampa)

References[change | change source]

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Coordinates: 20°00′S 64°25′W / 20.000°S 64.417°W / -20.000; -64.417