Church of the SubGenius

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The Church of the SubGenius is a religion founded by the J.R. "Bob" Dobbs. Originally based in Dallas, Texas, now based in Cleveland Heights, Ohio. The Church of the Subgenius has a large following of Yetisyny and Bobbies. It was founded by J R "Bob" Dobbs, the self anointed "Saint of Sales". In 1953 "Bob" was fixing his TV which he made, and JHVH-1 Space God put knowledge of Slack and other stuff into "Bob"'s head so he could save the Abnormals, known in the church as "SubGenii" or "Yetinsyny", from being hurt on X-day (July 5, 1998), by making the X-ists let us go on their pleasure saucers while they destroy the world.

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