Church of the SubGenius

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The Church of the SubGenius is a religion founded by Ivan Stang and Philo Drummond.[1] Originally based in Dallas, Texas, it is now based in Cleveland Heights, Ohio. In 2009, Stang said that The Church of the Subgenius has 40,000 followers, but the real number of followers is not known.[2]

The church's beliefs are said to be very complex.[3] The church teaches that it was founded by a salesman named J. R. "Bob" Dobbs. In 1953 "Bob" was fixing his TV which he made, and the Space God JHVH-1 gave him knowledge of the past and future, and the idea of "Slack".[2] The church teaches that there is a conspiracy to make humans work, so that they can't have "Slack". It says that its members are descended from Yetis. It also said that aliens would come to earth on 5 July 1998.

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