City of Bones

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City of Bones is the first novel of Cassandra Clare. It was first published March 27, 2007 in United States by Simon & Schuester, who publishes her other works as well. This is the first book of her main series The Mortal Instruments.

Creation[change | change source]

Cassandra Clare was a fanfiction author, publishing her Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings stories online. One day, in 2004, a friend of hers took her to a tattoo shop, where she saw those footprints in the ceiling, and after that, she started developing the story of race of warriors, called Shadowhunters, who were burdened with the job to protect humans from demons. After some rejections, in 2007 Cassandra could get her book to be published by the name of City of Bones, by Simon & Schuester, in the US. Her books have been published and have been bestsellers throughout the years. In UK, her publisher is Walker Books.