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In Brazil, the Civil Police (Portuguese: Polícia Civil) is the name of the investigative state police forces. The Civil Polices are agencies of the public administration of the federative units of Brazil, whose function is, in accordance with article 144 of the Federal Constitution of 1988, to exercise the public security for the preservation of the public order, for the safety of the people and the country.

Each of the states of Brazil has its own "Civil Police Department", which carries out detective work, forensics and criminal investigation. Each acts as a state bureau of investigation.

Description[change | change source]

Civil Police Helicopter

The Civil Polices of Brazil had origin in the General Intendancy of Police, created in Rio de Janeiro on 10 May 1808. They had been gradually developing for all the country. Today, the constitutional existence of the Civil Police and its attributions elapse of article 144, IV and 144 § 4°, of the Federal Constitution.

Organization[change | change source]

There are 27 civil police forces in Brazil, one for each state. They are directed by a Head of Police, chosen amongst the Commission agents of Police of career. The services of judiciary police are given through the Police stations of Police, agencies that have jurisdiction on small cities or quarters of the large cities.

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