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Club Penguin
Disney Club Penguin Logo.svg
Developer(s) Rocketsnail
Publisher(s) New Horizon Interactive
Engine Adobe Flash
Platform(s) Onlineand book
Release date(s) October 24, 2005
Genre(s) MMOG
Mode(s) Multiplayer

Club Penguin is a type of computer game called a massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG) that can be played on the Internet. It is owned by The Walt Disney Company.[1]

Club Penguin is an online virtual world for all ages. A person can talk and meet others. Club Penguin originated from a chat room called Penguin Chat by Rocketsnail Games.[2] Parties are held once a month with a different theme every time. One can play games to earn coins. Members can buy items for their penguins. Non-members can find free items during parties.

There are also several rooms in Club Penguin. A player usually goes to the town when they log on. People gather there. By walking or by using the map, players can visit other rooms.

Penguins[change | change source]

A penguin is the player's avatar. It can walk around, change clothes, and buy furniture if it's a member. Penguins were first used in 2000.

Puffles[change | change source]

Puffles are the penguin's pets. Non-members can only buy 2 (red and blue puffles), but members can adopt a total of 20 in all colors and types. If you do not give your puffle(s) enough food, play or sleep, it will return to the wild and you will never see it again. You can adopt another puffle after one runs away. You can buy them food, hats, and toys.

Games[change | change source]

There are a lot of games on Club Penguin. Club Penguin games have different controls; in some games like Bean Counters you use the mouse, but in other games like Dance Contest you use the keyboard. After you finish a game (or you exit out of a game) you win a certain amount of coins, depending on how long and how well you played the game.

Video games[change | change source]

There are some games based on Club Penguin. There is Club Penguin: Elite Penguin Force and Club Penguin: Elite Penguin Force: Herbert's Revenge for Nintendo DS and Club Penguin: Game Day for Wii.

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