Colonization of Venus

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The colonization of Venus is the concept of the building and permanent occupation of settlements and research stations on Venus. Unlike Mars or the Moon, residing on the surface would be out of the question because of temperatures that exceed 400°c\840°f and atmospheric pressures 92 times more than that at sea level on Earth, as learned from the Soviet Union's venera probes. Thus all habitats on Venus will have to be in cloud city form. There's an altitude range on Venus where temperatures and pressures are similar to those in low-lying deserts on Earth, albeit without oxygen and with an abundance of sulfuric acid. This somewhat habitable region is 50kilometers \ 30miles above the ground. Venusian cloud colonies would have the advantage of local gravity being of a similar strength to Earth's gravity, meaning none of the complications of microgravity. A disadvantage of Venus as opposed to other colonization targets is the planet's lack of water in any phase, thus would have to be imported from elsewhere.