Communist Party of Chile

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The Communist Party of Chile (Spanish: Partido Comunista de Chile) is a Chilean political party inspired by the thoughts of Karl Marx and Vladimir Lenin. It was founded in 1922, as the continuation of the Socialist Workers Party. In 1932 it established its youth wing, the Communist Youth of Chile (Juventudes Comunistas de Chile [abbr:JJ.CC]).

The PCCh was a member of "New Majority" (Spanish: Nueva Mayoría), a leftist coalition led by President of Chile Michelle Bachelet.

It holds 8 seats in the Chamber of Deputies of Chile.

Leaders[change | change source]

General Secretary Tenure President Tenure
Ramón Sepúlveda Leal 1922–? Elijah Lafferte 1956–1961
Luis A. González ?–? Dissolved 1961–2002
Galvarino Gil ?–? Gladys Marín 2002–2005
Maclovio Galdames ?–? Guillermo Teillier 2005–present
José Santos Zavala ?–?
Isaias Iriarte ?–1929
Carlos Contreras Labarca 1931–1946
Ricardo Fonseca 1946–1948
Oyarzun Galo González 1948–1958
Luis Corvalán 1958–1990
Volodia Teitelboim 1990–1994
Gladys Marín 1994–2002
Guillermo Teillier 2002–2005
Lautaro Carmona [es] 2005–present

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