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Sewing room at Concha Piquer's Museum in Valencia. On the left, her portrait

María de la Concepción Piquer López, also known as Concha Piquer (13 December, 1906 in Valencia, Valencian Community – 12 December, 1990 in Madrid) was a Spanish singer and actress.[1]

She was one of the most successful couplist female singers.

Most of her singles were composed by the songwriters Salvador Valverde and Quintero, León and Quiroga. Ojos verdes (Green eyes) was her most known single because of its controversial lyrics.[2][3]

Biography[change | change source]

In September 1922, Piquer debuted in New York City on Manuel Penella's opera The Wild Cat. She was living in tge United States, acting in Broadway theaters and movies.[4]

Several years later, Piquer back to Spain. She stayed there the rest of her life. One year later the Civil War began and her songs were it [partially] censored by the Francoist politics.

In 1958, during a concert in Isla Cristina, Andalusia, she lost her pitch for a moment while singing. She continued with her performance. Five years later, she retired.[5]

On 12 December 1990 she died in Madrid.

Other sources[change | change source]

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