Condamine, Queensland

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Condamine in 1946

Condamine is a very small town of 150 people in Queensland, Australia, 373km west of the state capital, Brisbane.[1] It is built on the banks of the Condamine River. The town is famous for being mentioned in songs, stories and poems. The song "Banks of the Condamine" is about the girlfriend of a shearer who wants to go shearing with him.[1] In it also mentioned in poems by Breaker Morant and Dame Mary Gilmour.[1] Steele Rudd also mentions the town in his stories.[1]

In 1827 Allan Cunningham became The first Europen to visit the Condamine area was Alan Cunningham in 1827. He named the river after Governor Ralph Darling's assistant whose surname was De la Condamine.[1] The town was settled in 1859.

During the 2010-2011 Queensland floods the town was flooded twice, and all the people had to be taken to other areas.[2]

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