Constituent Assembly of Pakistan

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The Constituent Assembly of Pakistan was Pakistan's first parliament and first met on 10 August, 1947.[1] The next day Quaid-i-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah (1876-1948), was elected as the President of the assembly and the new national flag was approved.[1] On 14 August, 1947, Jinnah gave a speech which outlined the important principles of the future government of an independent Pakistan.[2] Jinnah was chosen as the first Governor-General of Pakistan.[3] The assembly's main task was to write a new constitution for Pakistan.

This was a difficult task, however the assembly did agree on the "Objective Resolution" on 12 March, 1949.[4] A special committee of 24 members of the Constituent Assembly worked on a constitution based on the ideas in the Objective Resolution.[1] The Governor-General, Ghulam Muhammad, shut down the assembly on 24 October 1954, before the draft constitution could be presented.[1] The President of the Assembly, took legal action as he believed that shutting down the assembly was illegal. He lost the case in the Federal Court.[1]

A second Constituent Assembly of Pakistan was formed on 28 May 1955.[1] They wrote the new constitution which came into force on 23 March 1956.[1]

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