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Container garden on front porch

A container garden or pot garden is a garden that is in containers instead of in the ground.[1] A container in gardening may be of various sizes. It may or may not be easily portable. and is used for showing live flowers or plants. It may take the form of a pot, flower box, tub, pot, basket, tin, barrel or hanging basket.

Methods[change | change source]

Pots, made of terracotta or sometimes plastic, and window boxes have been the most common containers. Terracotta containers are usual for long-term use in back yards. The reason is that they are porous, and water evaporates through the pores. This keeps the contents aerated. Plastic pots are usually for short-term use, and often sold complete with flowers and earth. Window boxes are shallow and open, and may be used for above-ground windows.

Small pots are commonly called flowerpots.[2]

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