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Convection zone

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The convection zone is the 3rd layer of the radiative zone.[1] Sun has really hot plasma, because Sun's prominence erupts due to the Sun's rotational speed. Sun is really hot because of the temperature. Sun has a core like Earth. Sun is the largest star in our solar system because of its mass.[2] The inner planets temperature are hot, warm, and cold.

The largest layer of the sun[change | change source]

The largest layer of the sun is the corona. The corona is the sun's atmosphere. Its star's atmosphere is over a million degrees celsius. The sun has an atmosphere, surrounded by gas.

What is the atmosphere like?

Sun has a really thick atmosphere, compared to other stars.

It shows:

• The atmosphere

• The corona

• Sun's core

The Sun has a atmosphere, surrounded by hot gas.[3] Its surface temperature is 10,340°F (6,000°C) And the sun is a very hot place to live. - Dwayne Saubon

Layers[change | change source]

The layers of The Sun[4]

  1. Corona
  2. Radiative zone
  3. Convective zone
  4. Upper and lower chromosphere
  5. Photosphere
  6. Core

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