Cookie cutter

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Gingerbread man cookie cutters.

A cookie cutter is a piece of equipment to cut dough from cookie dough to cut the dough into pieces to make cookies.

Shapes[change | change source]

Many cookie cutters have a shape. Most of them are shaped like a square, star, or a triangle. Also, cookie cutters may come in a circle shape.

Foods[change | change source]

Cookie cutters can also be used to make foods other than cookies.They can be used to make small sandwiches, square crackers, and others.

Sizes[change | change source]

Most cookie cutters are small. There are some that may be big. On November 8, 2019, it was announced Target had started selling big cookie cutters. [1]Cookie cutters in bigger sizes can cut more things like cookie dough. Small cookie cutters are often 2 inches long. Medium-sized cookie cutters are often 3 inches long. Big-sized cookie cutters are often 4 inches long. Walmart also sells big cookie cutters. Smaller cookie cutters cost less, while bigger cookie cutters cost more.

References[change | change source]

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