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County of Foix

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Foix Castle
Map of the Couty, with importtant cities

The County of Foix was a county in southern France, around the city of Foix. It existed from the 10th to the 16th century. from 1012 to 1607, when it became part of the Kingodm of France. Most of the areas are ine modern-day departement Arriège. It was on the north side of the Pyrenees. There is higher grounds in the souths, and lower ones in the north. Other important cities were Pamiers, Saverdun, Mirepoix and Tarascon. Important castles were those of Montségur, Roquefixade and Usson. Henry IV of France was a Count of Foix.

Since the French Revolution, the county is part of the Depatement Arriège, it makes up the central part.Thre western part of Arrièges is Couserans, which also was a medieval country.