Cow urine

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Cow urine (गोमूत्र "Gomutra" in Hindi) is used as medicine mainly in India where cows are considered as holy by Hindus.[1] In addition cow urine is consumed as a drink by people believing it to boost the immunity.[2] Cow urine is one of the five contents of Panchagavya meaning five products obtained from a cow (urine, milk, ghee, curd and dung). Cow urine is also used in folk medicine in Myanmar, Nepal and Nigeria.[3]

Uses of cow urine[change | change source]

To treat diseases[change | change source]

From ancient times it is used in Ayurveda medicine to treat leprosy, fever, peptic ulcers, liver diseases, kidney diseases, asthma, psoriasis and for weight loss in obesity.[4][5][6]

In Farming[change | change source]

Cow urine is used in organic farming as a fertilizer and to protect crops from fungal infections.[7]

Other uses[change | change source]

In addition cow urine is used as a floor cleaner and to manufacture cosmetic products like skin creams, bathing liquids and soap.[8][9][10]

False Beliefs[change | change source]

Although many Hindus believe cow urine can cure cancer, it is not backed by scientific research with some scientists saying cow urine may not have any medicinal value at all.[11][12] Some Hindus including political figures in India believe that cow urine contains gold which is also a myth.[13]

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