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Cross of Valour (Poland)

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Cross of Valour
Krzyż Walecznych

The People's Republic of Poland version of the medal and ribbon.
Awarded by the President of Poland
Country Poland
TypeSingle-grade medal.
Awarded forDeeds of valour and courage on the field of battle.
StatusIn the award system but a wartime decoration only
DescriptionObverse bears the words, "NA POLU CHWAŁY" ("ON THE FIELD OF GLORY"), while the reverse bears the word, "WALECZNYM" ("TO THE VALIANT"), and the date "1920" or "1944," depending on date of institution.
Claspsdenotes subsequent awards
Established11 August 1920.
Next (higher)Order of Merit of the Republic of Poland.
Next (lower)Military Cross.

Polish-Soviet War period medal

The Cross of Valour (Polish: Krzyż Walecznych) is a Polish military decoration.

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