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A crossword, or crossword puzzle, is a popular type of word puzzle. A crossword is made up of black and white squares (called a 'grid') and a list of clues.

The answer to each clue is a word or phrase. The aim is to write the words letter-by-letter in the white squares. The white squares go "across" or "down" the page. Each clue has a number - for example "1 Across" or "15 Down".

A crossword puzzle

There are many types of crosswords. Straight (or Quick) crosswords are usually made up of simple definitions - which means that other words are used to describe the answer. Some crosswords use riddles and word play and are usually more difficult than straight crosswords.

Example[change | change source]

Here is a small example of a (British-style) straight crossword:

1   2    
3       4

Across[change | change source]

1. Sheep sound (3)
3. Neither liquid nor gas (5)
5. Humour (3)

Down[change | change source]

1. Road passenger transport (3)
2. Permit (5)
4. Short for "Dorothy" (3)

The solution (answer) to this crossword is:

1B 9A 2A . .
9U . 9L . .
3S 9O 9L 9I 4D
. . 9O . 9O
. . 5W 9I 9T

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