Cupressus cashmeriana

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Cupressus cashmeriana
Scientific classification Edit this classification
Kingdom: Plantae
Clade: Tracheophytes
Division: Pinophyta
Class: Pinopsida
Order: Pinales
Family: Cupressaceae
Genus: Cupressus
C. cashmeriana
Binomial name
Cupressus cashmeriana

Cupressus assamica
Cupressus darjeelingensis
Cupressus himalaica
Cupressus pseudohimalaica
Cupressus tortulosa

Cupressus cashmeriana (Bhutan cypress, Kashmir cypress, weeping cypress;[1] Dzongkha language: Tsenden) is a species of cypress native to the eastern Himalaya in Bhutan and adjacent areas of Arunachal Pradesh in northeastern India. It is also introduced in China and Nepal.[1] It grows at moderately high altitudes of 1,250–2,800 metres (4,100–9,190 ft).[2]

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