Curse of Hanshin Apartment

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Curse of Hanshin Apartment is the world's first 3D stop motion game created by Juni Song on September 27, 2018. A 3D stop motion game is a game created by shooting every single movement of a clay animation character to make the game.[1]

History of Clay animation video games[change | change source]

Neverhood, an adventure game launched in 1996, and Skullmonkeys, released in 1998, are early clay animation video games made with clay animation doll. Vokabulantis developed by Wired Fly Animation in 2021, is also a clay animation video game made with stop-motion puppets.[2] Harold Halibut, developed by Slow Brothers in 2019, is a 3D type of Clay animation video game. The set was shot against the background of a sinking ship. In fact, every scene of the game was hand-crafted, including a small tool in the background, and used motion capture to create a stop-motion-like effect.[3]

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