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Cyberattack is a term in computer science. It is any attempt to alter, disable, destroy, steal or get into or make unauthorized use of a computer system.[1]

An attacker is a person or process that attempts to access data, functions, or other restricted areas of the system without authorization. Malicious intent is assumed.[2][3][4][5]

Cyberattacks can be part of cyberwarfare or cyberterrorism. A cyberattack can be done by sovereign states, individuals, groups, society, or organizations. It may start from an anonymous source. A product that helps a cyberattack is sometimes called a cyberweapon.

A cyberattack may steal, alter, or destroy a specified target by hacking into a susceptible system. Cyberattacks can range from installing spyware on a personal computer to attempting to destroy the infrastructure of entire nations.

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