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Daemusin of Goguryeo

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Daemusin of Goguryeo
Crown Prince of Goguryeo
ReignAD 14–18
Coronation14 AD
PredecessorCrown Prince Haemyeong
SuccessorCrown Prince Haeu
King of Goguryeo
ReignAD 18–44
Coronation18 AD
PredecessorKing Yuri(myeong)
SuccessorKing Minjung
BornMuhyul / Miryu[1]
4 AD
Died44 AD
(대수촌원, 大獸村原)
SpousePrimary Consort
Secondary Consort
Regnal name
King Daejuryu
(대주류왕, 大朱留王)
King Daehaejuryu
(대해주류왕, 大解朱留王[2])
King Sin of Northern State
(북국신왕, 北國神王[3])
HouseHouse of Go
FatherYuri of Goguryeo
MotherQueen Song

King Daemusin (4–44) was the ruler of Goguryeo, Kingdom of Korea. He conquered some smaller nations and the large kingdom of Dongbuyeo.


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