Dareema Caddo

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Indhosheel is an Arale Mahad from Dareemo Caddo

Dareema Caddo was the first capital of the Daraawiish State. It is near the city of Buuhoodle, to the northwest.[1] It used to be settled by the Arale Mahad tribe. But now the Arale Mahad tribe have moved to a town called Dhilaalo. Dhilaalo is a bit further to the north.[2]

References[change | change source]

  1. Abdisalam, Isse-Salwa (2009). The Darwish Resistance. Within a short time many pastoral societies followed the dariqa. In 1898 the Darwish followers reached more than 5000 men and women with 200 rifles. In the middle of April 1898 the Darwish moved their base to Dareema-caddo, a watering place northwest of Buuhoodle. Within short time the Darwish grew in men, power and wealth. Because of this growth, it became necessary for Sayid Maxamed to institutionalise the movement by creating four main governmental apparatuses, (1) at the top there was the ministerial Council (qusuusi) which presided over affair of state, (2) there were also bodyguards (gaar-haye) who were responsible for the security of senior members. .
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